NCAA grants extra year of eligibility to dtudent-athletes in spring sports

The NCAA, the governing body of collegiate sports in the United States, was forced to cancel the spring sports season due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the globe.

Due to this decision, the organization has decided to grant an extra year of eligibility to all athletes playing a spring sport, making them eligible to play for one extra season.

Several sports were affected due to the NCAA’s decision to cut short their athletic year. The extra year of eligibility will be applied for student-athletes competing in the following spring sports: baseball, softball, tennis, golf, outdoor track and field, lacrosse, rowing, men’s volleyball, beach volleyball, and women’s water polo.

Despite the NCAA’s decision to be flexible with the student-athletes participating in spring sports, those who play winter sports such as men’s and women’s basketball will not be able to ask for a waiver for another year to play. This decision disappointed some winter athletes who were unable to take part in their sports’ postseason tournaments.

In any case, with this news, senior athletes will be able to return and compete for another year in their sport if they so choose, news that will certainly be welcome for the many student-athletes who saw what looked to be their final season of college sports canceled.