Chicago loses again at DC United

The Chicago Fire thought that they may have a chance to get their first win against D.C. United. Now, the Fire are still searching for their first win this season as Chicago Fire lose to D.C. United 1-0. 

United scored early during the seventh minute when Adrien Perez passed the ball from the goal line to Edison Flores inside the box. Flores had space at close-range in front of net and found no trouble in burying the ball. 

Fire defender Wyatt Omsberg kept the game at a one goal margin in the 20th minute when he blocked an empty net shot from Flores with his head. 

Other than Omsberg’s save, little was impressive about the Fire barring a promising performance from 17 year old Brian Gutiérrez. Given his first nod on the Starting XI, Gutiérrez was the most impressive player for the Fire in the first half.

In the 32nd minute, Gutiérrez made a run into the box, receiving the ball and finding himself surrounded by three defenders. He managed a shot, but it was saved by United goalkeeper Jon Kempin.  

Gutiérrez got another attempt in the 37th minute when he hit the far post from the top of the box. 

The Fire showed just how abysmal a team’s crossing game can be in the second half. Despite the fact that crossing the ball into the box was Chicago’s main attacking strategy, not a single cross produced a threatening opportunity until stoppage time. 

The lone chance happened in the 72nd minute when Przemysław Frankowski made a run toward goal and crossed the ball to Fabian Herbers. Herbers connected with the ball using his head, but it hit the crossbar and went out of play.

Chicago maintained possession throughout the game and into the second half. Yet, nothing came of that which consisted mostly of knocking the ball around in the backfield. Goalkeeper Bobby Shuttleworth used his feet more than he likely needed to. 

Instead of looking to create opportunities, the midfield mostly looked for support - odd for a team that should be hungry for goals. 

Chicago have not scored a goal in three games, and they finish week five with only one point. The Fire losing streak extends to four games.